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Private, experiential sessions grounded in your relaxation and pleasurable awareness.

In Person sessions (Very Occasional)
Genuine Intimacy Coaching and Conversation by telephone
Allow me to Listen, Respond and Engage with you!

I�m Joy Punya (mature coach). I have done 20 continuous years of in-person and Telephone Lessons from Tantra (Ancient Methods for the Modern Person) Now, for telephone Tantra, depending on what we discuss, and what kind of skills I help you develop, the session can last 1/2 hour to two hours.

Call and ask about your pricing.

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I will call you to arrange for an initial interview. This assures you archive the best results. The first 7 minutes are free. If the interview goes longer than 7 minutes please click here to make payment.

If you cannot get to Seattle, you can enjoy telephone Tantra sessions with me.

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During my many years of life and travel over three continents and coaching Tantra �. strangers have shared with me and trusted me with their private selves. They seem to think of me as a warm, creative, and friendly coach.

The sessions are unique, friendly, and comforting ...always respecting your privacy. I have 20 years� experience.

Your comfort with communication is important to me. I am a good, respectful listener. Your privacy is important to me. I am not associated with any traditional service.

We need to have a brief and focused communication on the phone before your appointment. Please think of the reason or reasons you wish to enjoy a session with me. We can schedule some time to have a preliminary talk on the phone and it will greatly benefit you. If I do not answer my phone when you call, please leave a time span during which I can return your call. Or, if you can't leave a number, please be persistent. I ONLY DO two telephone SESSIONS A DAY in order to more completely serve you.


Together, we will tailor a session of personal and unique exploration with compassionate understanding. �Does your body talk to you?� You will discoverer answer is YES! We will notice the exciting awareness of exactly what our bodies say. Then we will practice real yet creative communication with ourselves.

It is my desire for you to enjoy and learn at the same time. These are sexual secrets sessions. My maturity and years of experience allow me to guide you so that pleasure and awareness can happen together. Also you will feel comfortable sharing your most private sensual life with me. .. Plus....being able to sense a first time experience of some curiosity you may have about your sexuality. It will be a pleasure for me and for you to get to know more about YOU! You can learn to co-create a better sex life with yourself and your partner. You will definitely be exposed to the highest quality sexual secrets.

I encourage your fullest response so that I can pace myself to help you to build up your intensity. The more you breathe and move and make sounds or communicate, the more you will expand the pleasure all over your entire body. This can lead to you experiencing more excitement. It may also help with Erectile Dysfunction or just plain sluggishness.

Perhaps you will begin to take a special kind of enjoyment as I coach you to create erotic sensations over and over again.

For Men:
Then I can guide you to increase the excitement or how to maintain the excitement and stay hard longer. In other words, if you need to be able to not have Premature Ejaculation I will show you a method that will work 90% of the time during intense sexual experience. In this method (which is certified by obtainable texts) you can actually feel pleasure rising or expanding in your body while practicing massaging the vajra again and again.

If you need to be able to avoid Erectile Dysfunction without a drug; a combination of the method mentioned above plus freedom of expression, plus relaxation will increase your possibilities.


Two important things Tantra sex is based include noticing body sensations and communicating about them.

1. On-going Tantra Sex Coaching and full body attention sessions that relax, rejuvenate and give powerful Tantra sex lessons. We will explore your sexual energy playfully and skillfully. You can experience expansion of intense arousal when you learn the expert touch that helps with either Erectile Dysfunction or Premature Ejaculation control. These usually last at least two hours.

2. A one-time, 2-hour comprehensive beginner�s session in Tantra Sex. This is good for the busy person or traveler. With this full course you are prepared with the basics to then go forth on your own with self-practice.

In this session, you can be total! You can allow freedom of experience for your whole body. When you have let go of the usual performance goals, you will notice how it all happens so easily. Therefore, in this relaxed and total focused state you can remember and learn, how in the future, you will improve.

In this same session a man can learn how to give a woman g-spot stimulation which may create female ejaculation.

Tantra BodyI am developing a session for women: You might want to learn (in a telephone session) the knowledge I have gained about men in over 20 years. Female ejaculation is a complex, interesting subject; it not a good idea to make a goal of it. However, the preliminaries themselves that YOU would learn to teach your man...would give you great pleasure.

In any of the above sessions, you may learn sensual massage methods for your woman. There is a creative way to get more feedback and how to please a woman, and even more fantastic how to excite a woman.

Erotic and exotic it is; "Adult Entertainment" it is not. I do not accept any payment for sexual gratification. This is an opportunity to let go safely, explore your strongest sexual passions, and learn how to reach pleasures unknown before.


For Men and Women

In the first several minutes we talk about you. I�m interested in any motivations and reasons why you would like to enjoy a session. What intrigues you about what you are reading here? What challenges you? My methods involve, noticing sensations, communication (compassionate speaking and listening), and breathing, relaxing the whole body, observing and experimenting and responding to touch in a non-demanding manner.

Getting started we BREATH together�learning to exhale more and inhale more. I demonstrate a number of ways to do this so it is easy and you will be able to encourage your partner to do so. This is the foundation of the session. Why? Because you realize how much more pleasure you feel moving upward and around your body.

In our session together, we will continue to be playful exploring your sexual arousal with a few processes that have evolved in my 20 years of playful experience.

We will address how to please a partner. We will learn how to pace yourself, ask questions, even some phrases that are great like �Is there anything WE can do to make this better for you now?�

For Men:
Female G-Spot stimulation will be taught. This can be amazingly intense and pleasurable for her. I will coach you towards increasing your sensitivity and focused attention and communication methods to use to get her to help you.

You will learn to be flexible and creative no matter what mood your partner is in.

Each session is complete in itself. You can feel and achieve much in one visit. You are free to go forth on your own and apply what you've learned, or to return to me for further discovery in additional sessions. With more visits you can go deeper and have an even more rewarding time.

My sessions can be these lengths of time:

2 hours, 1 hour or 1/2 hour

Advance appointments are available—all you need to do is provide me a phone number (for confirmation purposes only). I will need to call you on your private phone number one to two hours in advance. Confidentiality is strictly observed your privacy is of utmost importance to me.

Easy access from both I-405 and I-5.

(802) 851-0048

Also by Skype: joy.punya

In-Call Appointments




Who I Am  •  A Brief Overview  •  Types of Sessions  •  Location
Appointments  •  Rates  •  Praises  •   Contact

Session Rates:

I will explain my rates to you on the phone. There are never any extra charges. I do not accept any payment for sexual gratification. This is an opportunity for you to let go safely, explore your strongest sexual passions, and learn how to reach peaks unknown before.

Shorter appointments are available, but a two-hour minimum appointment is strongly advised. Please discuss details with me on the phone when you have some available time for discussion of what is covered and possible to learn in each session..

For special scheduling circumstances, I take advance deposits.

Due to rescheduling constraints, advance deposits or payments are only refundable up until 24 hours before your scheduled appointment.

Who I Am  •  A Brief Overview  •  Types of Sessions  •  Location
Appointments  •  Rates  •  Praises  •   Contact


“All my life; I’ve wanted these skills”; “I feel comfortable with you”; “That was a lot of fun and I learned a lot”; “I felt waves of heightened pleasure”; “I could still feel the pleasure for hours after the session”; “This playful exploration showed me some new ways to communicate with my partner”; “Joy, you may be the best Tantra teacher in Seattle.”


If you are looking for a mature Tantra teacher consider me. I started my studies Tantra Sex methods with a Master at a university in India, and have continued my study since 1975. I am also a certified Acupressure practitioner. In the last 20 years, I have done more than 3,000 sessions, mostly in Seattle, and also in Hawaii, Australia and Japan.

How to contact Tantra Body

(802) 851-0048

Also on Skype: joy.punya

I really need to hear your voice and have at least a 7 minute informational call. You will appreciate my honesty. What I do is very unique and I don't say "yes" to every caller.

Genuine Intimacy Coaching and Conversation by TELEPHONE.
Allow me to Listen, Respond and Engage with you!

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Who I Am  •  A Brief Overview  •  Types of Sessions  •  Location
Appointments  •  Rates  •  Praises  •   Contact

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